Mission Statement

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 149, through the dedication of its Directors and Consultants, is committed to providing the highest quality of water and sewer service at the most economical costs to its customers and taxpayers.

New District Facebook Page

In an effort to provide more information to residents regarding what is happening in the District, the Board of Directors has voted to create a new Facebook Page to share out news posts posted to the website, provide infrastructure and project updates, and more.

You can find the new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RiverstoneMUDs128and149, or from the Facebook app @RiverstoneMUDs128and149.

Be sure to click like and follow to receive updates from the page as they get posted, and continue to navigate to www.riverstonemuds.org for information posted to the Districts’ websites.

Trash Collection Carts

From Best Trash:

As part of the MUD’s contract extension with Best Trash, Best Trash will be providing one free 65-gallon trash cart to each resident at the end of October.

Please note that lost or stolen trash or recycle carts can be replaced for $75.00 each by contact Best Trash at customerservice@besttrashtexas.com.

Best Trash will replace any carts that are defective or otherwise become unusable due to normal wear and tear at no charge.