No Breach in Levee

We are aware of inaccurate rumors/social media posts regarding a breach in the Riverstone levee system.  The LID’s operators have confirmed that the levee remains intact, and there is NO breach in the levee at this time. 

We are aware of accumulated rainwater in homes in the Riverstone neighborhoods south of Hagerson Rd.  All pumps at the Steep Bank Creek pump station are fully operational at this time and working as best as they can to get these areas drained.  

Please assist us in sharing this information with your neighbors.

Brazos River Update – August 29 at 10:30am

The National Weather Service has updated its projections for the Brazos River at Richmond.  The current projection shows a peak elevation of 57.5 feet sometime Thursday morning (previously 59 feet).

 The levee system operators and engineers continue their efforts to pump internal rainwater out of Riverstone as quickly as possible.

Mandatory Evacuation – Additional Information

ALL of Riverstone, including all areas in LID 19, LID 15, MUD 115, MUD 129, MUD 149, and MUD 128, are under mandatory evacuation orders.  Please leave as soon as possible, CHECK TRAFFIC REPORTS FOR HIGH WATER, and remember to take family, pets, and personal belongings.  Please visit the Ft. Bend Co. OEM page below for more information.

An official evacuation route has not yet been posted, but the County’s recommended route for Sienna is through LJ Parkway to University to 59.   Also, please take the time to plan your route based on the latest information on road closures.  Please visit Houston Transtar, TxDOT and Fort Bend County all of which have information on road closures.

As additional information becomes available, it will be posted here.