Proper Disposal of Raked Leaves

Raked leaves can cause clogging of storm drains.

When storm drains clog with leaves, water can no longer properly drain from the street. This water can then pool along streets, causing dangerous driving conditions.

Additionally, pet wastes, oil and other materials dumped into storm drains do not go to the wastewater treatment plant, but instead flow directly into local streams and rivers. Dumping debris and other material into the storm drain is not only illegal, but
contributes pollution to our waterways and causes street ponding.

It is important to keep storm drains free of obstructions to prevent street ponding, property damage, and hazards to the traveling public.

How should I dispose of leaves and debris?

When you are clearing your sidewalk or driveway, please do not rake or blow the leaves from your yard into the street. One option is to sweep, collect, and bag leaves. Further, consider raking or blowing leaves/debris into a compost pile, where they can decompose.